Crown your successful event in Hungary with a spectacular show. Incentives, company events and gala dinners become unforgettable experiences when you add a sprinkle of the unexpected in the form of a lively variety act. The spectrum of artists and musicians available to Contact Incentives spans all genres of show business from the original to the rousing, taking your event to its natural highlight. In addition to booking artists, we also serve as a one-stop service provider by finding a location with just the right ambiance, taking care of transfers from the hotel to the venue and attending to your guests throughout the event.
Contact introduces you to Hungary's most creative side. We look forward to your call.

Ferenc Snetberger in Budapest

Jazz – Ferenc Snetberger

A Franz Liszt Prize-winner, the northern Hungarian guitarist Ferenc Snetberger has no respect for musical and geographical boundaries. Snetberger's genre-defying music have made him famous all over Europe, Asia and the US. As a regular duet partner to Bobby McFerrin (Don’t Worry, Be Happy) and Markus Stockhausen (son of Karlheinz Stockhausen), he has earned a place among the international jazz elite and is a very special live act for even the most discerning audience.

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The orchestra of Budapest

Classical music – Quartets, piano players, solo singers and more

Celebrate a company anniversary, gala dinner or annual get-together in Budapest with classical music of the highest standard. Contact Incentives books and organises highly polished performances by ensembles of all sizes and types. From chamber orchestras to café music from the time of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, from performances by concert pianists to soloist singing popular arias from Hungarian opera – we will find the artists to satisfy both your taste and your budget.

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The Gypsy Ensemble in Budapest

Gypsy Ensemble

If you want to your event to hit the highs as the atmosphere reaches fever pitch, we recommend an impassioned performance by on of Hungary's typical Gypsy bands. These traditional string ensembles normally play at weddings and village festivals, and are guaranteed to bring your guests to their feet with their rolling Roma rhythms.

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The Vegas Show Band from Budapest

Vegas Show Band

The vast repertoire of the Vegas Show Band is your guarantee of a lively evening. A seated dinner soundtracked by an energy-laden set of pop and rock classics quickly shifts gear to create a raucous party atmosphere once the tables are cleared. From Michael Jackson and Abba to Queen and The Beatles – the Vegas Show Band has everything you need for a sweaty evening on the dancefloor.

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The sand animation in Budapest

Sand animation

It is quite incredible what Ferenc Cakó can do just with his fingers, some sand on a backlit surface and a powerful projector. The award-winning animation film-maker draws images in sand that come alive before your eyes – before  disappearing almost immediately as the story moves on. Cakó's sand animations are at once astonishing, fascinating and moving – an absolute must for your gala evening in Hungary.

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The magic show in Budapest

Magic show

Invite a world champion to perform for you. In 2009, Soma won the 2009 World Championships of Magic and will enchant you and your guests with his dazzling slight of hand. Soma's extraordinary Telephone Act was famously lavished with praise by none other than Uri Geller himself as a masterpiece of suggestion. One other thing, remember to turn your mobile phones off during the show ;-)

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The Mona Lisa Sextett in Budapest

Pop classics

Mixing pop and classical music is all the rage. Two of the most attractive representatives of the genre are Trio Gracia and the Mona Lisa Sextett. As an hors d’oeuvre to the classical greats, Gracia's catchy violin arrangements of Strauss, Rimsky-Korsakow and Rossini are an absolute treat.
For dessert, how about some medleys from world-famous musicals like Cats, Phantom of the Opera and Hair, or memorable music from Titanic and other blockbusters? Comprising three violins and the three fully trained sopranos, the Mona Lisa Pop Classic Sextet transforms your corporate junket into a fully fledged opera ball.

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If you have been inspired by our recommendations for music and variety performances in Hungary, these are just the tip of the iceberg. We are in close contact with dozens of professional artists capable of turning your event into something truly memorable. Please contact us to find out more.


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