Incentives in Hungary and in Budapest – the names of these two popular destinations caress the tongue like a delicately spiced goulash soup while promising the romantic flair of a fallen empire. Whether they are prized clients or top employees, your incentive guests will find the Hungarian capital to be a fashionable blend of grandiose relics of the Hapsburg monarchy and all the modern comforts of a state-of-the-art spa centre. Immerse yourself in a world of luxury at prices that can no longer be found anywhere else.

Railway museum in Budapest

Leave a lasting impression – Full-service Incentives

Contact Incentives specialises in offering organisations like yours unforgettable incentives of the kind your guests will be talking about for years to come. We plan everything with you down to the last detail, including arrival in Hungary, hotel bookings, daytime and partner programmes, as well as evening events and gala dinners. You can also reward yourself by choosing an incentive package in Hungary and taking advantage of our all-inclusive service guarantee. Based on our many years of experience as an incentives provider, we can introduce you to all the sights and secrets this wonderful country has to offer.

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Your incentive programm in Budapest

Enjoy freedom of choice - Incentive & Event Programmes

The cosmopolitan metropolis of Budapest is your gateway to the world-famous thermal baths of the Danube Republic and the great plains of the legendary Hungarian Puszta. Choose from a variety of memorable programmes and team-building activities indoor and out, including:

A helicopter tour over Budapest, finishing in pole position for driver training at the Hungaroring Formula 1 circuit. A Trabant trek to a Puszta Olympiad for a traditional peasant wedding complete with gypsy music. After sampling the finest Hungarian wines, dine like the Empress of the Hearts at Sissi's favourite castle in Gödöllő. And much much more, all tailored to your unique requirements. With all its wealth of attractions, Hungary is all yours – with Contact, your one-stop incentives partner.

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