Budapest is a cosmopolitan, European, attractive and modern city. The palaces of the Austro-Hungarian Empire of the turn of the century are just as typical of Budapest as today's state-of-the-art architecture. What is more, the famed Hungarian temperament goes hand in hand with the country's entrepreneurial spirit and outstanding history of innovation. In short, Budapest is the ideal place to gather fresh inspiration, impulses and ideas. Pay us a visit and allow yourself to be charmed by this vibrant and eclectic city.

The City of Budapest

Quality time with Contact Incentives

Hungary boasts unusually diverse landscapes, a famously warm people and unparalleled cultural wealth. This is also a nation that stands for breakthroughs, for an irrepressible demand for freedom and for a wealth of inspirational ideas. It was here that that dreams came true when the Iron Curtain fell and the socialist regime was replaced by a free market economy. Contact Incentives has been operating as an incentives agency from day one – and has grown into Hungary's number one.

Against this background, our customers benefit from a vast fund of knowledge, unmatched reliability and outstanding quality. We show you Hungary's most breathtaking locations and invite you to spend some quality time with your staff in the heart of Budapest – or in dozens of unusual and attractive locations all over this fascinating country.

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Làzàr Equestrian Park near Budapest

The best comes guaranteed

You can depend on Contact Incentives to create the perfect environment for a successful meeting and interesting stay, because we know exactly what is needed to engender a positive, friendly and appropriate environment. From the right location to the necessary technical infrastructure, our tailored service ensures your experience of Hungary is personal to you. Keeping our clients away from the beaten track has always been our passion. And it is not only our wines that are fiery… Isten hozta – we are your warm welcome to Hungary.

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