Team-building events organised by Contact Incentives in Hungary turn lone combatants into dependable team players willing and able to play their part in taking your business to new heights. Team building in Hungary means working together to solve exciting challenges requiring intelligence, persistence, strength and courage in equal measure. No one expects all these attributes to be present in a single person – that is why teamwork is so important.

City rally through Budapest

Building on one another – Outdoor Team Training

The high-quality team training courses offered by Contact Incentives are a fantastic opportunity to get to know Hungary and your local employees better. Whether in Budapest and many locations throughout Hungary, we put the social skills of your employees to the test. For instance, they will be asked to construct a load-bearing rope bridge, protect one another from an awkward situation with a pulley system, and develop complete trust in one another through blind falls and walks. We have no doubt that our team training sessions will be of clear benefit in your day-to-day working environment.

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Charity Budapest

A more human approach – Indoor Team-Building

Hungarians are legendary hosts – and are recognised for promoting team-building through awareness of social responsibility. During your stay in Hungary, why not contribute as a “social worker” in an association, school, hospital or NGO. Contact Incentives puts you in touch with suitable charitable organisations and establishes team-building programmes that have a long-term positive impact on all participants. Your employees are guaranteed to return to their desks with a renewed sense of purpose.

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Canopy in Budapest

Develop a healthy sense of curiosity – Healthy Team Training

High incidence of illness endangers not only to your business targets, but also company morale. Take an interest in the health of your employees and learn in one of Hungary's world-famous thermal baths how to promote personal wellness on a day-to-day basis. Nutrition consultants, specialists in alternative medicine and trained physiotherapists provide an enjoyable insight into practising healthy living. In the best case scenario, your employees will be meeting up regularly for sporting activities, sharing in a healthy diet and forming a Lunchtime Yoga group in the office.

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The potential for team building and training in Hungary is as diverse as the country itself. Contact Incentives advises you on the selection of your group activities and performs all logistic tasks on your behalf as required, such as travel and inbound services, and complete on-site management.


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