Rome wasn't built in a day: Hungary and Budapest in particular are home to unusually well preserved buildings from many historical epochs. Castles and palaces from the middle ages, representative classicist buildings, art nouveau villas and hotels, as well as modern architectural designs, all stand side by side, lending the Danube metropolis an unmistakable flair. Come and discover the Paris of the East on a Content Incentives Special Tour.

The middle age special tour in Budapest/Ungarn

Uncover world heritage – The Middle Ages Special Tour

Even though the middle ages are often associated with the adjective “dark”, Hungarian architects of the period produced shining examples of Roman and Gothic architecture. Our tour of Budapest in the middle ages takes you to some of the city's most symbolic sights. The Royal Palace erected directly after the Tatar invasion of the 13th century by King Béla IV suffered major damage through the centuries but was rebuilt in 1987. It is now an essential part of the Budapest skyline that is listed as a World Heritage Site.

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The Classicism Special Tour in Budapest

Budapest united – The Classicism Special Tour

At the time of the unification of Buda, Óbuda and Pest, an enormous construction boom took place along the Danube. This development continues to define the classicist style of the city's buildings even today. While other capitals grew over many centuries, Budapest made the leap to the status of world capital within half a century. The key monuments of this period of dramatic architectural expansion are the St. Stephen's Basilica, the Parliament and the Chain Bridge.

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Bauhaus special tours in Budapest

Visionary architecture – Art Nouveau and Bauhaus Special Tours

Heavily influenced by the Paris and Berlin art nouveau movements, Hungarian architect Ödön Lechner set down several milestones of Hungarian literature. His defining motifs drawn from Hungary's mystical and floral folk art decorate Budapest's Museum of Applied Arts, the Geological Museum and the famous Post Office headquarters. All these are fantastic examples of an architectural style that has also been adapted to hundreds of residential buildings.,

Bauhaus special tours in Budapest
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The state opera in Budapest

Inner city extravagance – Andrássy út Special Tour

Often compared to the Champs-Élysées in Paris, the Andrássy út boulevard links the Budapest city centre with Heroes' Square and the City Park behind it. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the broad street shows Hungary's cosmopolitan side. Contact Incentives Special Tours presents the highlights: The neo-renaissance architecture of the State Opera House and the Hungarian House of Photography, the former Paris Department Store and the Operetta Theatre with its charming art nouveau elements - and many more dazzling bourgeois palaces.

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The National Theatre in Budapest/Ungarn

The here and now – Modern Budapest Special Tour

Fans of everything post modern will appreciate the dramatic architectural developments that have taken place in Budapest since the regime change. Contact Incentives Special Tours introduce the wonderful projects erected by Hungarian and European developers since 1989/90. The strictly functional design of the Palace of Arts, completed in 2005, the ship-like form of the nearby National Theatre built in 2002, and the proud Megyeri Bridge over the Danube, opened in 2008, are joined by scores of modern office and hotel buildings throughout the city. All these represent a rediscovery of the city as an international metropolis.

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