Budapest's Museum of Fine Arts (Szépművészeti Múzeum) is among the most significant art collections in the world and exhibits predominantly the work of international artists. Those more interested in original Hungarian painting from the middle ages to the 20th century will find everything they need in the National Gallery perched on top of Castle Hill.
Contemporary art, as well as works from 1900 to the 1980s, is best explored on one of our art tours taking in the famous art studio on Kelenhegyi út, the Pál Molnár C. Museum on Gellért Hill and the artists' colony of the picturesque town of Szentendre.

The hungarian National Gallery in Budapest

High art in every sense – Hungarian National Gallery Tour

The Hungarian National Gallery is rightly regarded as the pinnacle of Hungarian painting, situated as it is atop of Buda's Castle Hill. The extensive art collection spans paintings, sculptures and graphical art from the 11th century right through to the present day. Ever since the city purchased the Eszterházy gallery as the basis for its collection in 1870, it has continuously added new individual works from all schools and genres important to the development of Hungarian art.

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The studio in Budapest

Meet the artists – Studio Tour

The studio at the foot of Gellért Hill was opened in 1903, earning it a mention in many of Europe's niche cultural guides. The large art nouveau building has been an important hub for Budapest's multifaceted cultural life ever since the beginning of the 20th century. It is here that the outstanding figures of Hungarian painting cut their teeth, including József Rippl Rónai, who invited Thomas Mann to Budapest in the 1920s. The loft apartments of the large rented blocks on the nearby Béla Bartók út have also attracted dozens of studios, contributing heavily the inspirational atmosphere of this thriving cultural district.

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The self-portrait of Pál Molnár C.

Discover the golden ratio – Pál Molnár C. Museum Tour

It was in this villa on the southern slope of the Gellért Hill that the celebrated painter, illustrator and master craftsman Pál Molnár C. lived and worked between 1931 and 1981. The artist is reputed to have died with the paintbrush in his hand, leaving behind in excess of 3,500 works. His paintings provide an overview of the Hungarian artistic styles of the 20th century, while betraying a special affinity for the celebrated international masters.

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Contact Incentives Painter Specials can also take you to the workshops of great artists in other Hungarian cities. Expand your knowledge of Pál Molnár C. in Battonya – the artist bequeathed many of his works to the Memorial House in the town of his birth –, pay a visit to Villa Roma in Kaposvár, former home of defining Hungarian impressionist József Rippl Rónai, or take a day trip to the artists' colony at Szentendre, just 20 km from Budapest. Whatever aspect of Hungarian art piques your interest, Contact Incentives can arrange travel, accommodation and highly informative guides.


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